thesis: nursery clothing

This project was my principal theme for the diploma. I worked in the area of design concepts tutored by Prof. Jens Großhans. Concept, development and several prototypes of nursery clothing.

conjecture project

The first step into the conjecture project was “Each wild idea” an ultrashort project with visiting professor Simone Douglas from Sydney College of the Arts. We focused artistic work flow processes to be potentially incorporated in design.

glowbies: visionary cheese product

Cheese visions was a design concepts project at Köln International School of Design.
In this project we developed ideas for the future of the cheese market to create visonary products.

thesis: rec.pack the Dj-backpack

For my intermediate diploma i developed in cooperation with bagjack Berlin a completely new Dj-backpack design. Core values were: ergonomic comfort, content safety, storage volume, modification from transport function to storage function and integrated lighting.