Category: product

Maße 33 cm x 21 cm x 19 cm
Material Porzellan
hergestellt bei Porzellanmanufaktur Reichenbach

thesis: nursery clothing

This project was my principal theme for the diploma. I worked in the area of design concepts tutored by Prof. Jens Großhans. Concept, development and several prototypes of nursery clothing.

glowbies: visionary cheese product

Cheese visions was a design concepts project at Köln International School of Design.
In this project we developed ideas for the future of the cheese market to create visonary products.

thesis: rec.pack the Dj-backpack

For my intermediate diploma i developed in cooperation with bagjack Berlin a completely new Dj-backpack design. Core values were: ergonomic comfort, content safety, storage volume, modification from transport function to storage function and integrated lighting.