Crumpler posters

Some posters for Crumpler shops from Oktober 2009 to June 2010.

Crumpler packaging

Packaging for a new product series for Crumpler. <!–more–>
The packging designs have a high recognition value due to the stripes, individual hand writing and icons to accompany the explainations of the features.

Crumpler catalouge

Two drafts for Crumpler catalouge.

diebische Elstern: shop window installation

Since the beginning of march the thievish magpies are in the shop window of HEAVY METAL and MARTIN&MARTIN on Kyffhäuserstrasse in Cologne.

TOKYO families Magazine

In 2008 while living in Tokyo i was art director of TOKYO families, an anglophone magazine for families from all over the world living in Tokyo.

illustrations for information charts

These are illustration used in information charts explaining the project Virtueller Wald of the Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz NRW.

Esprit Mailings

For the Cologne based design- und projectmanagement agency eyeon i made mailings for a Partnershipstore of the fashionlabel Esprit.

Christmas mailings&cards

I help to wish a “Merry Christmas” since 2003.

Köln Shirts T-shirt illustrations

While i was still studying, i did illustration, layout and colour design for the Cologne-based company “Campussportswear”.